How I got my first bitcoin for free

Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

So I suffer from a severe case FOMO, especially lately around the topic of cryptocurrency. And I have a feeling (and really hope so that I’m not alone) a lot of people are on the same boat as me.

Crypto’s been really taking off lately and it took me way to long to finally jump in because I literally just didn’t know how. But I’ve figured it out, very recently. I don’t have a lot at all but I wanna share how I got the small amounts of crypto I own so you can too!

The platform that I used is called CoinSpot. I heard about them from a forum I frequent, buying some bitcoin (and dogecoin) had already been on my mind for a while at this point. But what really got me to sign up was that CoinSpot offers their new users $10 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) for FREE!! 🤯

Please make sure you do some research about the platform before jumping on and sending them your money. I did my own research before signing up, and many financial bloggers do use them to buy their crypto as well so I personally felt pretty safe that if I were to lose all my crypto money, it wouldn’t be because the platform scammed me.

The first deposit I made was $22 on the 15th of February and I used it to buy Dogecoin. One annoying thing is that you have to fund your account first before actually buying any crypto. It took around 12 hours from my first deposit to show up in the account but buying the coin was instant.

As far as the free bitcoin, that came through the moment my account was funded, before I actually bought anything. The free bitcoin I received has already grown almost 25% in a month!

If you want to get started with CoinSpot, make sure you use a referral code so you can get a free $10 worth of Bitcoin!

My referral code is REFPUKR2B, or you can use this link:

You don’t have to use my referral if you’re not comfortable, feel free to ask your friend or relatives or find one on an internet forum like I did. Just make sure you use one to sign up, otherwise you won’t get your free Bitcoin!